By: Alex About

Our teachers!

Our two online teachers are a dedicated, hardworking pair who want to help you learn maths (or math for you Americans) your way. Everyone learns differently, with a different learning style and different environment.


Alex is a student who understands this more than anyone else. He adores the subject. The way everything works together and the beautiful coincidences of maths. The rich history of the subject. He is probably the most passionate about maths in the whole… well, you get the idea. He loves maths.

Alex has a rich experience in teaching the subject. As an active tutor, he knows the difficulties that students face when trying to grasp the various concepts that pop up in the subject. He is currently the Coordinator for tutorship in the company.


Aaron is the best runner up to Alex. With teaching experience also under his belt, Aaron connects with students on an intellectual level to help stimulate their cognitive resources. His approach encourages and guides students on a path of understanding. Once you understand the math it becomes easy.

Aaron also works with our students to help them find their way of studying. He helps with motivation, to planning, to execution. If you want to get that A, Aaron’s the way.